Why we are different than most:

Here, at our home, we believe that every moment and experience that a
puppy has will impact his/her personality, health and brain development.  
Because of this, we choose to keep and raise our dogs and puppies inside
our home.  With our family.

It all starts prior to pregnancy.  We spend more money on feeding our dogs
correctly than most people would dream of.  We feed the absolute best
quality dry dog food as a base (Taste of The Wild to spayed/neutered dogs
& Purina Pro Plan  to growing pups and breeding adults).  We then
supplement with raw meats of all types (most of our dogs prefer chicken),
eggs, cottage cheese and our "weight gaining" formula (click here to see
the recipe:
HERE), brown rice and vegetables.  Each dogs diet varies
according to their own preferences and activity level.  Once a bitch is bred
the raw part of her diet increases significantly.  The first month it becomes
50% of her diet.  In the second month she eats 75%+ meat, weight gainer,
eggs, cottage cheese, brown rice and vegetables.  This continues until the
puppies are weaned.  So your puppy is developing on an optimal diet.  We
also have our own chickens here so what they are eating is organic and
free range.

Once the puppies are born (after a week of me not sleeping, anxiously
awaiting the angels arrival) socialization starts.  Of course it is age
appropriate.  From the first moment they are born they are kissed, rubbed
on and loved.  I have young children that love them just as much as myself.  
My daughters favorite thing to do is read them stories before bed each
night.  I take notes non stop daily on each puppy to watch their personalities
develop.  This helps for finding each one the perfect home.

We use the Bio Sensor program for our puppies.  From day 3 to day 16,
puppies go through all of the stimulations.  Five benefits have been
observed in canines that were exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation
exercises. The benefits noted were:
1. Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)
2. Stronger heart beats,
3. Stronger adrenal glands,
4. More tolerance to stress, and
5. Greater resistance to disease.

To read about this and how it's done please click

We have 2 acres fenced in at our home so the dogs run constantly with
games of fetch.  While this is wonderful for us and the dogs, it is not a
replacement for individual walks/runs that we also do daily.  We also are
fortunate enough to have a few lakes that are dog friendly right by our
home that we take them to constantly and they LOVE!
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