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Five benefits have been observed in canines that were exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation
1. Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)
2. Stronger heart beats,
3. Stronger adrenal glands,
4. More tolerance to stress, and
5. Greater resistance to disease.

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These are our whelping boxes.  They are 5ft. by 5ft. and are made out of beautiful Red Oak.  
The other pictures are of our puppy play/potty training area that each litter grows up in.  We
of course also have 2 1/2 acres fenced in outside that they enjoy very much as well!  
~ Sire ~

~ Sire ~
~ Dam ~
~ Dam ~
~ Sire ~
~ Dam ~
International Champion
National Champion Dry Canyon Has Gone
Platinum CGC, CGCA, CGCU

has been bred to

National Sr. Puppy Champion, International Sr. Puppy Champion,
International Sr. Puppy Champion in Bronze Platinum's Pink
Diamond CGC CGCA CGCU - "Ziya"

Puppies from this litter will be $2,500 on a spay/neuter contract.

*Puppies from this litter will NOT be affected with Ichthyosis*

HERE to see the puppies amazing pedigree and genetic information.

This is Ziya's first litter.  She is an extremely large female and looks just
like her father, our retired male, Versace.  She is bigger than most males.  
She is as sweet as can be and has an extremely calm demeanor.

Ziya is due on November 18, 2017.  Her puppies will be ready to go to their
new homes around January 6th, of course depending on DOB.

It absolutely pains me to do this but our huge, stunning, sweet Mr. Versace (we call him
Sachee), will be looking for his retirement home.   He has become VERY depressed every time
one of our females come into heat.  We do not have a kennel and all of our dogs are in our
home.  So we have no way of separating him from them all, where he cannot smell them.  He
snaps right out of it as soon as they are out of their heat.  It just breaks my heart watching him
go through this.  We had him neutered earlier than normal hoping without the hormones, he
would be much happier.  It did make a little bit of a difference but he really just wants to be with
people all day and not other dogs.  He is an absolute sweetheart through and through.  He is
our most titled dog ever, loved the show ring, and just continued to get nicer with age in
personality and looks.  He has never had an accident in the house since they day we imported
him.  He has never chewed anything, never climbed on furniture, and does not have a single
bad habit.  He is my baby and loves to keep a paw on me.  He needs to be in a home where
there are women or a woman.  He loves my son and John as well, but he truly is my baby.  He
CANNOT go into a home where there is another male dog.  He would be fine but I fear it would
make him depressed.  He has never been aggressive to any other dog in his life.  He could
possibly go to a home where there is a maximum of one female ADULT dog that does not like
to wrestle.  My girls constantly try to wrestle and play and he runs away and hides behind me.  
He has no wish for any of that.  He is an old sweet sole who loves to pay at my feet and would
be best getting 100% of his humans attention.  I have absolutely no hurry finding him the
perfect home and I'm absolutely fine if that takes years.  

You HAVE to live in driving distance.  You must be able to come visit, spend time with him, and
see how it goes.  With every adult dog, they have an opinion on people and what they think of
them.  You could be the kindest person in the world and on paper I can think your perfect but
in the end, HE decides.  

He is absolutely up to date on vaccines, rabies, and is of course neutered.  He is also
microchipped.  He should not need anything more than a rabies shot every 3 years from this
point on.

His DOB is 7/7/13.  Please feel free to visit his page: