A short note to let you know how we made out with the pup. Tuck slept all the
way home yesterday and was quite unhappy that his nap ended because we
were home.  He came in the house just like he belonged here, no problems at
all.  Last night I put him in his crate in our bedroom he whined and I told him no
and that was the last we heard out of him.  I took him to the vets this morning
and he passed his check up and wowed everyone there with his cuteness.  The
Vet said that he was the calmest puppy she had ever seen.  Tuck was not going
to let a little thing like a check up get him all excited.  Needless to say, he has
won our hearts already.
I'll send more updates later.
Hey Samantha, just wanted to shoot you an  
an e-mail. Soda is doing great!!  We are so
excited to have him here at last!!  He is
adjusting perfectly to his home.  So far he is
doing very well with potty training, he had
only one minor "accident." He has lots of toys
and loves them all.  He also comes and
recognizes his name already!!  We have had
no problems with Soda expected a little
chewing :)  I cant thank you enough for all
that you have done. You truly are a blessing
to our family!! And Soda is too!! The purina
kit you sent us was also a life saver!!

I attached a couple photos of Soda just being
his puppy self
I will be sure to send you more photos very

Thank you again,
Christine B.
(Testimonial below has been shortened)
Hi Samantha,

Lucky is doing (aka pink girl) great.
She is a wonderful dog. Little spoiled.
It's a race into bed at night to see who
gets the pillow. She loves attacking the
cat (bailey) but will step back when
she's eating so bailey can have her
food. She has the run of the main floor
when I'm at work and she has never
destroyed anything and I can't take
credit for that. It's her personality. My
daughter says she's the best thing that
has ever happened to her. My son,
who didn't like dogs, insists I bring her
to school when I pick them up so he
can show her off.  Everyone wants to
take her when we go on vacation
because she is so sweet. I've enclosed
a few pictures of her. We enjoy her
tremendously. Feel free to use the

Colleen J.
Hi Samantha,
Wow, What an amazing dog!!!! My kids
are so unbelievably happy I can't even
tell you.

Samantha I can't even tell you we are
so grateful and he is so perfect. He
loved them instantly. They already
have an instant bond with him. He
does great going outside. Thank you
so much again and we absolutely love
Cody I couldn't even fathom a more
perfect dog for our family.

I will write soon.

(Testimonial below has been shortened)
Micah - 7 weeks old
Micah - 6 months old
Micah is exceptional in so many ways... I keep asking myself was it the breeding, nutrition,
stimulation, affection??? All the above. I can say his intelligence is scary. His passion for
things is endless & he does NOT give up. This is the one who would risk it all to save some
one. The sky is the limit for him! Enthusiasm for everything, especially food-:) We have know
what keeps him going, he can barely move but Micah helps him & even tries to groom him &
they sleep together-:) You are certainly doing a lot of the right things & it shows!!! - b

* Micah is a stunning Platinum's Isi CGC x Int'l CH Snowbound And I Love It CGC pup *
Hi Samantha!  We just wanted to send you some pictures of Izzy on her birthday last Sunday!  She is the
sweetest, calmest, most lovable and TOLERANT dog we’ve ever known!  Thank you for giving us this
precious gift!  Hope you’re well!
Mark and Erica G

*Izzy is a beautiful Platinum's Isi CGC x Int'l CH Snowbound And I Love It CGC pup*
Izzy - 7 weeks old
This is a picture of Odin receiving his AKC to
Sue, Megan and Odin!
Canine Good Citizens Award!  A HUGE congrats
*Odin is a is an amazing Platinum's Isi CGC x Int'l
CH Snowbound And I Love It CGC pup*
Odin 7 weeks old

last week.

She is a sweet dog.  She just finished puppy kindergarten and is doing well with training.  She weighs 42 pounds now.  
She is also a great traveler.  We've had all sorts of road trips for my daughter's gymnastics meets and she has been
great.  She still fits (barely) in the travel cage we had and never lets out a peep.

She never passes up a stick or twig to eat, and is still trying to figure out a relationship with our cats.  It's slowly
improving, but they are reluctant to play with her.

Hope all is well with your pups.

John B.
Polly 8 weeks old
Polly 6 mo old
*Polly is a beautiful Platinum's Kaya CGC x Int'l CH Snowbound And I Love It CGC pup*
*Mazie x Bear Puppy*
*Mazie x Bear Puppy*
*Bella x Rush puppy*
Hi Samantha,
Merry Christmas!  We are having a wonderful time with Lacey!  She is a great dog, that we have
completely fallen in love with!
Lacey is a beautiful Platinum's Kaya CGC x Int'l CH Snowbound And I Love It CGC pup*
Lacey 4 mo. old
Lacey 8 weeks old
Nara is on the right, 2 years old
*Nara is a Bella x Rush puppy*
She is a wonderful dog and a great addition to the family. Hope all is well with you!