Question:  Do you have/breed rare white golden retrievers?  

Answer:  I get a LOT of calls asking if I breed “rare white goldens”.  I hate to break
this to everyone but there is NO SUCH THING.  Our dogs DO all come from
English type bloodlines but they are all in a variety of colors.  They are not “new”
or “rare”.  These bloodlines have been around as long as the history of the
breed.  There is NO SUCH THING as a WHITE golden!  Some are very light cream
in color.  We also have some that lighten up quite a bit in the summer time but
they are NOT white.  Breeding the lighter shades is SIMPLY a PERSONAL

Question:  What do you think about the RAW diet?

Answer:  It’s wonderful!  Just make sure you are doing it correct!  You need to be
sure that your dog is getting a balanced diet.  I personally do not feed a raw diet
although my dogs DO get raw food as a supplement to their regular dry dog
food.  I suggest you do a lot of research first and it will pay off!

Question:  Do you really feed your dogs raw chicken?

Answer:  We absolutely do!  We feed them, along with their dry food, RAW
chicken.  We personally go to the store and see what’s on sale!  Many times it’s
the whole chickens or young whole chicken.  We cut it up and freeze it in about 2-
3 lb bags.  I let it thaw overnight in the fridge and give to the dogs, individually.  
The amount varies on the dogs age, activity level, etc.  It works wonders for
cleaning teeth!  We give it to them bone and all.  JUST NOT COOKED
BONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THAT CAN HURT OR KILL YOUR DOG!!!  Emphasis on the
word RAW!!!

Question:  How often do you brush your dogs?

Answer:  It depends on the length and fullness of the dog’s coat.  Most of our
dogs just get a nice brush out once a week.  But one of our females (mazie), has
a VERY long full coat now that she is spayed.  I must brush her every day to keep
all tangles out.  She also loves to roll on her back for LONG periods of time,
making silly faces at anyone outside.  So she is sure to pick up any twig, plant, or
flower with her hair!

Question:  Do Golden Retrievers shed a lot?

Answer:  If you can’t stand dog hair this is not the breed for you!  You will need to
vacuum frequently and not mind having some hair on your clothes when you
leave the house.   You will need to invest some money in lint rollers!  You cannot
expect a Golden Retriever, who loves to share everything with their owner, to
have such a beautiful coat and not let you have some too! :)

Question:  How many times a year do you have a litter available?

Answer:  For a while now we have only had 2 litters a year.  We will be having
litters more frequently as the years go on as we are slowly expanding and will
have more females come of breeding age.  It of course depends on the ages of
our dogs and what other things are going on in their doggie lives.  They are not
just breeding dogs to us.

Question:  Do you have a kennel?

Answer:  No, we do not.  Our dogs sleep in our home and live inside with us.  We
live in Northern Michigan where it gets VERY cold.  

Question:  Can we come visit your dogs/house?

Answer:  Absolutely!  We are not a kennel or a business, so please call and set
up a time!  I have 2 young children that are very involved with sports and I also
volunteer as a coach.  But we would love for you to come see our dogs in person
and meet them.  When we have a litter of puppies here we do have rules
regarding visits to protect our pups that have not yet had vaccines.  Mainly not
visiting any other dogs or kennels within a day or two span of coming here.

Question:  Do you breed Goldendoodles?

Answer:  Absolutely not.  There are plenty of free muts and mixed breeds that you
can get from your local animal shelter that would make lovely pets.  I see no
reason to make more.

Question:  How many breeding dogs do you currently own?

Answer:  We have four breeding age females and two breeding age males at our

Question:  Can your dogs be/bred to be working dogs?

Answer: Yes!!!  Golden Retrievers are a very hard working breed and love to
please their owners/handlers.  This makes them ideal for many different
purposes.   They excel in Therapy Work and all of our dogs have received their
CGC titles.  They also, of course, love to do field work and retrieve birds.  This is
their original purpose.  We breed to meet all of the above qualities and import
dogs from strong working lines.
~ F. A. Q.