Weldon's Amazing Grace, CGC
DOB 2/9/2005 - 8/24/2014 - Forever in our hearts <3

AKC # -SR24623401
AKC DNA # - V502589
OFA Hips - Good - #GR-95969G40F-VPI
OFA Elbows - Normal - #GR-EL18243F40-VPI
OFA Thyroid - Normal - #GR-TH1438/40F-VPI
OFA Legg-Calve-Perthes - Normal - #GR-LP75/40F-VPI
HERE to see Mazie's AKC Canine Good Citizen Award
Mazie has an amazing pedigree including Meadowpond Mack Truck.   Her bloodlines come from
Canada.  She is an absolute sweetheart and one of the funniest dogs ever.  She is my shadow 24/7
and I couldn't love her more.  She is INSANELY smart and still learning new things at the age of 9.  
Thankfully she has passed on her intellegence, healthy genetics, and splash of color to one of her
daughters (Isi).  Kaya, well she just received the first two :)  She is spayed and just a wonderful
family pet :)
Baby Mazie  ^_^